Welcome to my website!  Whether by deliberation or divine appointment, its an honor that you're sharing this time with me!

Of all the gifts we've been blessed with, I know you'd agree that "time" is our most valuable commodity.  We all look forward to "daylight savings" time to get back that coveted lost hour of sleep!

However, we all know that "time" can't be saved!  If it could, it goes without saying, we'd all  have boxes, closets, and attics full of TIME. Unfortunately, times slips through our fingers like sand and if we're not careful, the adversary will cause us to wallow in the cesspool of remorse and regret!  The enemy wants us to believe that we have LOST OUR TIME! 

However, the devil is a liar!  The word of God constantly reminds us that "times and chances happen to us all" and "our times are in His hand." Despite the mistakes of our past, BE ENCOURAGED, "ITS YOUR TIME NOW!  This is your season of NOW [NO OPPORTUNITY WASTED!]  Allow this truth to reverberate in your spirit!  You have not seen your BEST years or lived your finest hour!

Even now, our Father is preparing to "blow a wind of acceleration" into your times!  So get ready to "catch up" with every missed chance and opportunity!  Get ready to live NOW, because your worst times are behind you and your best days are not just before you, "YOU CAN LIVE YOUR BEST TIMES RIGHT NOW!  SO COME ON, "TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE AND ITS YOUR TIME      NOW!"