Legal Seminars - Dr. Janet Floyd, Atty. At Law

As a practicing defense attorney for over 15 years, Dr. Janet Floyd is keenly aware of the diabolically strategic attacks satan, our adversary has launched against the 21st century church via the legal system.

Utilizing her vast knowledge of the law coupled with her revelatory insight in the Word, she is uniquely qualified to equip and empower the church to wage and win this pervasive war!

The plethora of "politically correct" legislation which is constantly being promulgated to silence the pulpit from the preaching of the uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ, brings to bear the church's desperate need of legal and Godly counsel  that links social justice to divine justice.

Because Dr. Janet Floyd has taught on the collegiate level and has conducted countless seminars, she has an uncanny ability "to make plain" powerful and profound information in a comfortable communal setting.

Allow Dr. Floyd to  provide you, the church staff,  pastoral leadership team, individual church ministries, congregation and community with the necessary tools to:

  • Protect your 501(3)(c) status
  • Separate church and state
  • Link divine and social justice
  • Dismantle the school to prison pipeline
  • Understand the rights, responsibilities, and risk of interacting with law enforcement
  • Provide shelter and resources for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse
  • Live safely in the workplace [i.e. sexual harassment, hostile work environments, civil rights violations
  • Vet Church leadership [i.e. human resources, background checks, credit history, sexual offender registry]
  • Create Estate plans [i.e. wills, trusts, power of attorney]